Schauer Sheep Company

Registered & Commercial Polypay Breeding Stock

Hettinger, ND




Our foundation ewes were purchased from Page Polypays near Reeder, ND. These ewes, while registered, are of hardy stock that are required to survive on native range in the harsh conditions of Southwest North Dakota. The majority of their sire side genetics came from the US Sheep Experiment Station in Dubois, ID. Our foundation rams were purchased from Vic Van Well, a mainstay in the Polypay industry. This threeway cross, betwen two lines of Van Well rams and the Page ewes have resulted in a moderately framed, easy fleshing ewe that requires little extra care to thrive in SW ND. Since then, the stud rams that we use on these 3 way cross ewes are the 2010 National Polypay Show NSIP Champion Ram from Hidden Valley and the 2012 National Polypay Show NSIP Champion Ram from the University of Wisconsin. This ram is currently # 15 on the NSIP Elite Sires List.  Our current selection pressure on maternal traits includes lambing percentage and the ability to raise those lambs, all while being structurally sound. On the paternal side, we select for fast growing, structurally correct rams that will pass on these traits to their offspring. In the feed conditions of southwest ND we will always produce a moderately framed Polypay sheep that honors the breeds origins. Our sheep lamb in May and are raised on native and improved pastures. The lambs are weaned at approximately 75 d of age. The ewe lambs are developed to lamb at one year of age. The ram lambs are developed to be marketed as yearlings off the farm, at the Hettinger Ram Sale, and at the National Polypay Show and Sale.  For more information on the origins of the Polypay breed, visit the American Polypay Sheep Association website at